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March 24, 2010

Tour Program

DMZ Tour program from Hotel SKY.

Experience DMZ(demilitarized zone) where you can feel the reality of the only one nation in the world which is separated by ideology.
You can tour the underground tunnel no.3 and Imjingak which are the representative tourist attractions around DMZ and the symbols of the Cold War and the divistion of Korea, the only one nation divided by ideology. You will symbolically experience the history of Korean divistion through this tour course.
Hotel SKY or ICN Airport-> Imjingak Station -> Underground Tunnel No.3 ->Dorasan Observatory -> Dorasan Station -> Freedom Bridge -> Hotel SKY or ICN Airport.
Daily: 08:30 (Weekday) 09:30 (Weekend)
* Twice a day during weekdays (Tue~Fri) Not available on monday weekends and holidays due to the circumstances of the site.
Per person
$60 (Min 4 people)
$80 (Min 3 people)
$100 (Min 2 people)
*Accomanied by a guide, meals included(Prior Reservation System)


  1. Do you have any more tour programs? I was looking for some tour around Incheon. Thanks for your useful informations!

  2. There is more tour programs you can join as follows; 5 hours seoul city tour (50USD), 3hours Incheon city tour (40USD), 1~2hours Temple Tour (10USD)

    Get more information at
    All the tour starts at HotelSKY lobby and hotel staff would help you to book any tour program you have interested in.

    Please let me know your exactly check-in date and the full name. we would send you the details by e-mail. Thank you.