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December 4, 2010

Myeong-dong area Information

How to get to the Myeong-dong from Hotel SKY Incheon Airport.

1. Airport Bus (Bus No.6015)
- Hotel shuttle to the airport (Should check the shuttle time to go airport at reception)
- Incheon Airport 1st Floor, Gate Number 5 / 10,000 KRW per person / Takes 1~1/half hours

2. Subway (Transfer 1 time)
- Unseo subway station (5 minutes by walk from Hotel SKY)
- Get off at Hongik station (10 minutes) and transfer to line number 2 get off at Euljiro ipgu station.

The myeong-dong area, often compared to Tokyo's Shinjuku districk, is a land of neon lights, electronic billboards, department stores, high end retail shops, good food and lots and lots of people. The atmospher here in Seoul's commercial heart is electric. Myeong-dong Cathedral and the Bank of Korea Museum add a touch of history. Nearby is Namdaemun Market, one of Seoul's twon largest traditional markets and a popular destination for foreign tourists.

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Things to Do
Myeong-dong is one of Seoul's premier shopping districts. It's a neighborhood of bright lights and infectious energy. There are the finest department stores, including Lotte B1,B2 and Shinsegae B3, and countless high-end and international retail shops. Myeong-dong's main drag is where most of the international name brands can be found, while more mid-range brands are in the back alleys. One good place to try is Codes Combine C3(776-6385) which specialized in trendy casual fashions. Tons of coffee shops and restaurants are to be found,too. For a very different shopping experience, head to Namdaemun Market A3, Seoul's most famous outdoor traditional market, where you can find good deals on many kinds of product.
Namdaemun Market] Located near Sungnyemun Gate, Namdaemun Market is one of Seoul's two largest traditional markets. It specializes in clothing, herbs and herbal medicines like ginseng, eyeglasses and curios. The night market is when the best buys can be had. Don't forget to haggle! Seoul's best camera market is nearby. Wholesalers operate from midnight to 6am, and retailers are open from 7am to 5pm. Closed on Sundays.
Place to eat]
Myeong-dong Kyoja D2 776-5348
A great place to have kalguksu, this Myeong-dong institution has been around since 1966. Nothing fills you up like a serving of kalguksu and dumplings, or mandu.

Saboten D3 756-8488
Try Chungmu gimbap(small rice and seaweed rolls), a simple gimbap served with pan-fried spicy squid and diced radish kimchi, or kkakdugi.

Myeong-dong Sundubu C2 755-1336
Specializing in soft tofu stew. If you visit before noon, you will get a cup of home-made soy milk for free.

Jinsadaek C2 774-9605
Try a nice Korean banquet meal in a traditional hanok setting. As you eat, a female perfomer wearing traditional Korean dress plays the gayageum, a traditional Korean string instrument, while singing.

Galchi Jorim Alley A3
In Namdaemun Market, there's an alley specializing in the market's specialty, galchi jorim(a spicy stew of boiled hairtail fish). It's a dish best served with a bowl of milky Korean rice wine, makgeolli.

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