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December 18, 2010

Yongsan Electronics Market

Yongsan Electronics Market

Yongsan Electronics Market is a retail area in Seoul, South Korea, comprising over 20 buildings housing 5,000 stores that sell appliances, stereos, computers and peripherals, office equipment, telephones, lighting equipment, electronic games and software, videos and CDs. A variety of electronic components for constructing computers and other items can also be found. Korean-made products generally cost 20% less in this location than other retail outlets, while imported items can be as much as 50% cheaper.

The market has a variety of stores, each with different operating procedures. Some stores operate like traditional retail shops, with set prices, name brands, and warranties. Other shops accept, or even expect, customers to bargain and may not have any posted prices for items.

How to get to the Yongsan Electronics Market from Hotel SKY Incheon Airport.

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Take subway from Unseo station (5minutes by walk) get off at Seoul station / transfer to line No.1 / Get off at Youngsan station.

Yongsan Terminal Mall
Many shoppers enter the Yongsan Terminal Mall through the connection between Yongsan Terminal Mall and I’PARK MALL. As soon as you leave Yongsan Station or I’PARK MALL through the 3rd floor entrance, just follow the crowd of people and you’ll reach the connecting entrance to the 3rd floor of Yongsan Terminal Mall. The Terminal shops mostly sell computer related products.
The 1st floor hardly has any stores, so not many customers are found there. Most stores are located from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor. Almost every product that is computer related can be found at this mall, as well as many cellular phone products sold on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Najin Mall
Yongsan Electronics Mall Complex began with Najin Mall. Therefore, it is located centrally and is large in scale. Najin Mall stands on both sides of Yongsan Electronics Mall Complex’s main street, and is a three to four-story high, red building.
Najin Mall is divided into ten blocks, beginning with Block 10. Block 17 and 20 are located on the second and third floors, and sell all computer related products. You can purchase these products for affordable prices at Najin Mall and Seonin Mall. Blocks 10 to 15 provide light fixture products, videos and other image products and sound related products. Also located in various places are cellular phone stores, and other mobile communication related products.
At the crossroads of Yongsan Electronics Mall Complex is an information center run by Najin Mall, which currently provides only Korean services, but in the near future will provide English and Japanese services as well.

• Business Hours: 10 a.m.~ 8 p.m.
• Holidays: 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month

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