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December 26, 2011

Enjoy winter experience at Jisan Ski Resort

Jisan Ski Resort

On flood of requests comes from Southeast Asia, Now we have arranged one transportation from HotelSKY Incheon Airport to nearest Ski resort (Jisan Ski Resort) as follows; Hope you guys have wonderful winter experience at Jisan Ski Resort !!

How to go Jisan Ski Resort from HotelSKY Incheon Airport ?
TAXI is the most convenience and the efficient transportation to go Jisan Resort.
Cost: 140,000 KRW (One way) / Round Trip is 280,000 KRW (Maximum 8 Person available)

How can I rent the ski equipment?
You can get a discount ticket of button lift and entrance if you rent ski equipments at the local rental shop. (Almost Korean we also do rent equipments at local shop nearby the resort and get discount ticket of lift and entrance) / The taxi driver will help you guys while you renting your equipments at the store.

Ski gloves are not included. Gloves will not be lent, should bring owns or can buy at the store. (15,000 KRW per a pairs)

Ski lesson cost (2hrs)
-One by one: 100,000 KRW
-5 persons together: 150,000 KRW
 Vest fee is not included (10,000 KRW per person)
All the ski trainees must rent a vest from Jisan resort and the cost is 10,000 KRW.

Average cost for a family of 5 from Hotelsky to Jisan Ski resport
Transportation (Taxi) 280,000 KRW (Round Trip)
Service hrs (09:00 ~ 13:00) 45,500 KRW X 5 person = 227,500 KRW (Inc. button lift + Ski equipment + Helmet + Goggles + Knee pads)

Total Amount 507,500 KRW (101,500 KRW per person)

Options ( + )
Ski Lesson (2hrs) 150,000 KRW + Vest fee 50,000 KRW = 200,000 KRW
Gloves 15,000 KRW per person = 75,000 KRW

Total Amount 782,500 KRW (156,500 KRW per person)
This schedule is available only for the guest in HotelSKY Incheon Airport.

For the more information, please contact by
Email. /

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