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December 20, 2010

Insadong Road

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The main street of Insadong, running from Anguk station to Jongno3ga station, is swarming with artistic shops,antique stores and trendy galleries. Surprisingly, the main street used to be a small stream, lined by crowded walkways. In the Joseon era, the Dohwaseo, a government agency in charge of arts and paintings, was located here; naturally, plenty of stores that sold brushes, ink, pigments and paper were located in Insa-dong, as they are today.

Drinking Traditional Tea.
You will run into many traditional tea houses in this area. Enjoy having a cup of hot ssanghwa cha(medicinal tea), flavorsome daechu cha(jujube tea) or healthy ginger tea with Korean rice cakes and traditional cookes.
Shopping for Korean Folkcrafts.
Insadong is a good place to buy traditional orean crafts like antique furniture, Korean paintings, tableware, accessories, masks, fans,ornaments and plenty of other souvenirs to remind you of Korea.

Place to Eat
Shanchon C2 - Specializing in Korean vegetarian Buddhist cuisine, features Korean traditional dancing in the evening
Soshim A2 - Are all vegetarian places.
Min's Club C2 - A 1930s Koren home with a retro Victorian interior and delicious fusion cuisine.
Dudaemunjip B2 - Serving good bulgogi and ssambap in a delightful ambience.

How to get to the Insadong from Hotel SKY Incheon Airport
- Take a subway from Unseo subway station (5minutes by walk)
- Get off at Gimpoairport station and trasnfer to line number 5 (Violet line / takes 30 minutes)
- Get off at Jongnosamga station. (takes 50 minutes)

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